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Please find below the most frequently asked questions by our investors. If you have a question that is not on the list, please feel free to contact us

1. What is a trading session?

A trading session corresponds to the operation of the trading system that occurs between the pre- open state and close state.

2. Who can use MubasherTrade service?

Registered Customers of MubasherTrade; Open an account now.

3. What do I need in order to register to Mubasher Online Trading?

The documents required to open an online trading account are as follows :
The documents required to open an online trading account are as follows : 
     For Foreigners :  
     National Identification Card  

      For the Egyptians : 
     National Identification Card  

     For Companies: 
      Official company documentation is required.

4. What currencies are used for trading on Egyptian Exchange?

The currencies allowed on the Egyptian Exchange is EGP, USD and Swiss Franc.

5. What are the service fees and how are they charged?

There are no service fees. Please refer to the fees & charges schedule.

6. How do I register to MubasherTrade?

New customers who would like to register and begin trading online can do so by opening an account online or by visiting any of our branches.

7. What are the login password rules?

  1. Your password should be - between 8 and 16 characters in length and ideally include at least one number.
  2. Characters which can be used
    1. Upper case and lower case letters (a-z and A-Z)
    2. Numbers (0-9)
    3. Special characters (!#%&()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^{|}~. )

8. How do I login to MubasherTrade.com?

Open your favorite browser and navigate to our website www.mubashertrade.com .
Log in to the website using your username and password, as shown below:

MubasherTrade login


9. What shall I do if I forget my login password?

Please Call Us :

Call Center Number: 16699 
Or Contact 

22 A ,Anwar El Mofty street -Tiba 2000 Administrative Building - 7th floor - Nasr City - Cairo 

10. What does the message "your account is locked" mean, and what shall I do?

Entering the wrong login password for three consecutive times will cause the system to lock the user name for security reasons. To unlock the user name, call MubasherTrade Call Center (16699), and place unlock user name request.

11. How to deposit money in my Mubasher account?

Mubasher makes it easy to deposit funds in your account. Please visit the Ways to fund page for details.

12. How to transfer shares to my Mubasher account?

Mubasher makes it easy to transfer shares to your account. Please visit the Ways to fund page for details.

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