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Trade anytime and anywhere with Mubasher Web. With NO installation or download required. Mubasher Web gives you the best speed and agility of an advanced online trading application. With Mubasher Web enjoy real time streaming quotes.

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MTrade Plus

MubasherTrade Plus Egypt is designed to keep the diligent, and enterprising trader to be in touch with the ever changing, and challenging financial market. MTrade Plus offers investors the ability to trade in the Egypt Markets, along with resourceful and indispensable order management facilities.

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MubasherTrade Pro 11

MubasherTrade Pro 11 is faster, undeniably comprehensive, and exclusively tailored to that active trader in you. Continuing the legacy carried by its forerunner, this latest version of MubasherTrade Pro is equipped with unique and timely market features, latest news and research that will help you to make the right decision at the right time.