MTrade Plus


To access this application you will need a Mubasher Brokerage account.
To sign up for a brokerage account, please visit Open an Account.

MubasherTrade Plus Egypt is designed to keep the diligent, and enterprising trader to be in touch with the ever changing, and challenging financial market.

Trade in the region’s best broker

Trade in leading markets

  • Trade in Egypt markets, along with other resourceful markets according to your subscription

Plentiful information under panel

  • Market-moving news released by Egypt and global news sources.
  • Real time market alerts; market moving news, real time recommendations, market information, and research reports
  • Time and sales details to track in-depth trade information
  • Access symbol information within a click

A new level of technical analysis

  • World-class charting tools with 11 types of Moving Averages
  • Upfront graphical representation of price movements
  • Forecast price movements without a hassle
  • Monitor fast & accurate Intraday and historical chart figures.
  • Simplified equity screener within your reach

Information at a glance

  • Global Market Summary to monitor price movement of key market Indices, commodities and currencies
  • Top stocks including gainers, losers and most-active stocks for most markets.
  • Order Management; buy, sell, amend, and even cancel your market and limit orders.
  • Order list to view recent orders and search for historical orders

Receive the Optimal trading experience

  • Facility to deposit, withdraw and transfer cash
  • Detailed quote for symbols, giving you a snapshot of a symbol’s performance
  • Trading alerts to notify you about your trading account activities
  • Market depth information by price and by order
  • Custom and smart watch lists to keep a track of your favorite stocks

Organize & Evaluate

  • Status panel to get updated about your trading status and the portfolio valuation. Watch-list chart and grids to analyze the market compared with average volume and percentage change while orders can be placed rapidly.
  • Account summary to analyze your account balance and buying power
  • Portfolio summary to analyze your holdings and manage your portfolios

Easy customization

  • Bi-lingual selection options to setup in English or Arabic
  • Switch between dark and light theme

Access on the go

  • Traders can access the application from the mobile, carry out portfolio evaluations, and a number of other value added features and functions.

Make the best out of our new intuitive search facility

  • Search any instrument in any asset class with asset class classification

Guidance you all the way

MT Plus V2 Egypt had an inbuilt help guide, and a help tour guiding you through exclusive features.