VIP Services

A wealth of extraordinary privileges – simply exclusive!

Mubasher recognizes the things that you value most – personalized and efficient service that matches your lifestyle. Comprised of strong individuals that are always ready to serve, being the experienced dealers, the highly educated analysts, or the dedicated relationship managers, the HNW Division is always at your service.

1. Dedicated relationship manager

As part of the HNW division clientele, you’ll have a dedicated relationship manager assisting you with all of your requirements. With such a personalized service, you will be able to reach all of the exclusive benefits that are made available and guide you every step of the way.

2. Dedicated broker

We understand that your schedule can get hectic at times. We therefore have dedicated a broker ready to place your orders with a phone call away. The broker will understand your risk profile and investment habits and ensures your investments reach your desired objectives.

3. Customized research offering

Interested to know more about a listed stock? Just inform your relationship manager of your need and the desired stock will be analyzed from a technical and fundamental perspective and provided to you upon completion.

4. Servicing large block trades

Large portfolios at times require that you find buyers or sellers beyond the exchange and matching orders require a little more than just a click through our platform. Contact your broker to learn more.

5. Continuous portfolio study

As much as you require attention, your portfolio requires even more. We have therefore made available experienced analysts to study your portfolio on an ongoing basis and ensure your strategies are aligned with your goals.